Profit Edge Review

Profit Edge Review: Reliable Robot or Scam?
Profit Edge can place up to 50 arbitrage transactions per minute and with an accuracy level of 90%.
The number of trades placed per day and the high accuracy justify the alleged profitability.
Trading News
Profit Edge also uses the news-trading technique to take advantage of the volatility induced by news. Crypto-currency prices are extremely sensitive to certain news.

For example, bitcoin has often boomed and busted on Elon Musk-related news this year. Announcements such as Tesla’s acceptance of BTC for car payments triggered a massive rally in early 2021.

Price Trend Analysis

Profit Edge also uses the technique of price trend analysis to trade cryptos. Price trend analysis involves analysing historical price charts to learn from them.

Asset prices tend to repeat themselves when certain market conditions are met. Profit Edge claims to study hundreds of price charts per minute to generate highly accurate signals.

At least nine out of ten price trend analysis signals generated by this trading platform would be profitable.

We have not conducted live tests on Profit Edge to confirm these claims.


How much money can you make with Profit Edge?
cfd trading price bitcoin sv invest
The only indication of how well an investment via this automated trading software will perform is a prediction at the top of the page that Bitcoin could reach $75,000 by the end of the year according to Forbes.

In short, there is no way to know how much money you can make with Profit Edge until you risk testing this crypto trading robot in real life.

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Profit Edge Review: Reliable Robot or Scam?

Perfect for those who prefer trading robots
Free demo account
24/7 customer service
Profit Edge Review: Reliable Robot or Scam?
No hidden fees or commissions
Fast registration process
24/7 customer service
Profit Edge Review: Reliable Robot or Scam?
Fast withdrawal service
100% free platform
Demo trading function
Note that most other crypto robots provide detailed information on the earnings that can be expected using their crypto robot.
How do I open an account with Profit Edge?
The process of opening a Profit Edge account is a one-step process.

You will be asked to fill out a basic form on the homepage of the website, which asks you for

your name
your first name
your email address
your telephone number
After validating this form, the Profit Edge website will simply display a message thanking you for registering and warning you that you will be contacted soon. Below is a copy of the homepage of this trading robot and its registration form.