Introducing $MOOI: Listing on MEXC Global Adds to MOOI Network’s Growing Ecosystem

• MOOI Network, a blockchain ecosystem designed for game projects, announces the listing of its governance token, $MOOI, on MEXC Global.
• The listing is scheduled for April 25 at 10:00 UTC and reflects MOOI Network’s commitment to providing accessible options for engagement within its ecosystem.
• Recently, the marketplace has seen a significant surge in popularity and launched the ‚Space Flea Market‘ collection featuring game items from Pokecolo.

Company Background

MOOI Network was created by POST VOYAGER, a subsidiary of Cocone, a Japan-based avatar styling & gaming social app developer with users across 74 countries. Over the past 14 years, Cocone’s flagship projects have attracted over 130 million downloads and 4.7M monthly active users. Meanwhile, in 2022 the highest daily profit from selling digital beauty and fashion items topped $1.7 million.

Bringing Access to the MOOI Ecosystem

MOOI Network remains dedicated to its mission of creating an open and inclusive metaverse world that is accessible to users from all backgrounds. The listing of MOOI on MEXC is a significant milestone for the project and provides users with a convenient way to participate in MOOI Network’s vision through their exchange platform.

Recent Updates

Recently, MOOI launched the ‚Space Flea Market‘ collection featuring game items from Pokecolo one of Cocone’s legendary avatar services which has consistently ranked in the top-5 DappRadar NFT collectibles chart for over a month attracting thousands of new users to Web3 space propelling Jellyme into the top ten during March-April 2023 solidifying their ability to attract engage a growing community of users.

Listing On Exchange Platform

The listing of $Mooi on MEXC Global is scheduled for April 25th at 10:00 UTC and reflects Mooi Networks commitment to lowering barriers for new users and providing accessible options for engagement within its ecosystem.

Future Plans

Currently, Mooi Network is actively preparing additional initiatives including collaborations with leading industry partners as well as educational resources tailored towards introducing beginners into Web3 space paving way towards mass adoption of blockchain technology in gaming industry as well as beyond it.