Bitqt Review – Scam?

BitQT is the latest Bitcoin trading system that claims to make you unfounded financial returns. The mobile app appears to be growing in popularity – especially in Europe and the US. However, does BitQT really achieve a win rate of over 99%, or is it is simply a scam?

This is exactly the kind of thing we’ll be finding out in this review of BitQT. We will discuss what the platform can offer, how it functions, the charges, past performance and security.

What is BitQT?

bitqt reviewBitQT can be described as an online service that provides Bitcoin exchange services. The basic idea is that when you open an account and making an initial deposit requirement of $250, the BitQT technology can trade cryptocurrency on your behalf.

The platform offers a totally passive approach to participating within this market for cryptocurrency scene , without needing to move a finger. According to the website itself, BitQT is able to do this by using the use of machine learning as well as artificial intelligence however, the details of this are yet to be confirmed.

The framework’s core will constantly look over through the market for cryptocurrency markets for trading opportunities 24 hours a day. For instance, if, there is a good chance that the BitQT technology thinks that Bitcoin is not worth its value then it will purchase Bitcoin.

If it is of the opinion that Bitcoin is priced too high, it will issue an order to sell. While we will discuss specific performance later, BitQT claims to have an overall success rate of 99.4 percent. This amounts to daily profits of $1100, which is a huge amount. We believe that claims like this should be viewed with great caution.

BitQT Services

The BitQT team behind BitQT has chosen to streamline their offerings by offering only one service. The service is its computerized cryptocurrency trading program that can be accessed via the internet or through the application.

How Does BitQT Work?

There is no requirement to be knowledgeable about trading to utilize BitQT and you don’t have to know how cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum as well as Ripple function. As with other crypto trading platforms like Bitcoin Up and Bitcoin Digital BitQT also offers an entirely execution-only experience.

If you’re the first using a platform for trading in crypto, below we will explain the workings of BitQT in a greater in detail.

Step 1: Open an Account

For you to get started with BitQT to begin using BitQT, you first be required to visit the service’s website. In the upper right of the page there is an application form for registration.

You will need to input the following data:

  • First and last names
  • Email address
  • Mobile number


Cryptoassets are extremely volatile and unregulated investment options. There is no EU investor protection is provided. Cryptocurrencies have no regulation. The trading of unregulated brokers is not eligible as protection for investors.

Step 2: Open Account With Partnered Broker

To allow this BitQT software to execute order for buy or sell on behalf of you it will require access to an account with a brokerage. This means that you will be directed to the trade platform which is a partner of the service provider.

Depending on the broker that you were assigned to, you’ll be required to provide additional information as required by laws against money laundering. This will include your address of residence and date of birth and an image of your driver’s or passport.

Step 3: Deposit Funds

To be able to access BitQT, BitQT trading platform, you’ll need to make a minimum $250 deposit. You are able to deposit more than that amount if you would like.

It’s best to start with a modest amount of money until you’re sure that BitQT is able to deliver on its promises. For payment methods it is likely that there will be a choice between cash wire, debit card or e-wallet as recommended by the broker you choose.

Step 4: Activate Platform

Prior to the BitQT software can trade cryptocurrency on your behalf it is necessary to grant it permission. You can do this the dashboard of your BitQT account. Once you’ve done that the process, the software will begin trading.

Step 5: Withdraw Money

BitQT states in its site that users are permitted to withdraw your account balance at anytime. You’ll likely have to transfer this balance back to the same method of payment which you utilized to make the deposit. For instance, if you deposited funds into your BitQT account via the Visa debit card the transaction is required to be returned to the same debit card.

BitQT Claimed Success Rates

The primary appeal of BitQT is that it promises to earn huge financial gains.

Based on the numbers the platform claims to have an efficiency rate of 99.4 percent. If this is true, it implies that for every one thousand transactions that the cryptocurrency software puts in 994 of them will earn an income. In the end we found that our BitQT review showed that the exact amount of money earned will be contingent upon a number of variables like:

  • What was the initial amount you put into BitQT?
  • If you’ve decided to invest using leverage
  • What was the amount that the BitQT platform earned on the specific percentage of trades in terms

Additionally In addition, our BitQT review revealed that the company claims to make daily profit of $1100. It is yet to be determined which strategy you should use to attain the huge financial returns.

There is also reviews from customers at the top of BitQT website. It is the case for Daniel Simmons from London, who claims to have converted the PS250 account into PS10,000. Then there’s Diana Smith from Birmingham, who claims to have converted PS250 to PS6,500.

The claims made are unsubstantiated and you should exercise cautiousness when using these platforms with false claims.

BitQT Fees

Contrary to many other cryptocurrency trading platforms within the market, BitQT does not charge any costs to purchase the software. We were pleasantly surprised to discover that the commission structure doesn’t seem to be in place or even in place. So it’s likely that BitQT earns its revenue through every trade that it makes through its partners brokers.

Is BitQT a Scam?

It’s difficult to determine with absolute certainty whether or whether BitQT is a fraud. We found reviews and feedback from the public domain that confirm and debunk this idea.

There are, for instance, numerous positive reviews from customers on the internet, with customers affirming that they made enormous profits using the software. On the other side on the scale, there are negative reviews.

In light of this the best strategy you can follow is to take extreme cautiousness. If you decide to utilize the BitQT app, it’s crucial that you only put your money at risk the amount you are able to afford to risk losing.


Cryptoassets are highly volatile , unregulated investment options. There is no EU protection for investors. Cryptocurrencies are not regulated. Brokers that are not regulated won’t be eligible as protection for investors.

BitQT on Desktop & Mobile App

There are basically two options with regards to using BitQT. The majority of users are able to log into their account via its main site. Yet, BitQT also notes that it has a mobile application.

There’s no hyperlink for the app on BitQT website, therefore it’s highly likely that you’ll be provided with the required link after you’ve completed the registration process.

The application can be used on the both Android or iOS devices. If you don’t own the phone supported by one of these platforms apps, you can connect to the BitQT app on your mobile device. BitQT using your mobile’s web browser.

BitQT Payments & Withdrawal

When you make deposits, the options for payment depend on the brokerage you have partnered with. However, we have observed that many platforms accept debit/credit cards as well as bank transfers at an absolute requirement. In some instances it is possible that you will be able fund your account through an e-wallet such as Paypal.

BitQT Minimum Deposit

The minimum amount for a deposit at BitQT can be as low as $250. As we’ve already mentioned in the event that you decide to use the program you should adhere to the minimum deposit.

BitQT Customer Support

Contrary to the majority of Bitcoin investing systems that are available in the internet market, BitQT actually offers contact details on its site.

The provider can be reached via the following channels:

  • Email: *
  • Skype: BitQT App

There isn’t a live chat feature or phone support line.

How to Use BitQT

Should you choose to go with BitQT and would like to know how you can get started now, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Enter the name of your email, address and your mobile number.
  2. Choose a method of payment – credit card, debit card, or bank wire
  3. You must make a minimum investment of $250.
  4. Start the BitQT trading software
  5. BitQT software will then trade cryptocurrencies on your behalf. BitQT program will exchange the cryptocurrency on your behalf up to the point that you it is time to make a withdrawal

When you go to our page „How Does BitQT Work?“ You will discover the most comprehensive explanation of how you can use the platform.

Cryptoassets are extremely volatile and unregulated investment options. There is no EU protection of investors. Cryptocurrencies have no regulation. The trading of unregulated brokers is not eligible as a protection for investors.

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The Verdict

BitQT is a completely free Bitcoin platform that helps users earn money from trading cryptocurrency. It has received glowing reviews from users who have used it before and boasts a success rate of more than 99percent, but as noted the claims cannot be confirmed, so users should take their time.